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Agriturismo and Paragliding

For lovers of free flight and cheap stays, the Agriturismo LA Pisana is located a few km away from the flight field of Mount Le Capanne of San Giulino Terme and is ideal for those who want to stay near Pisa and in 5 minutes by car to be at the flight field to launch a paraglider. With ample parking there are no problems to stop with vans and carts.

Go to the Photo Gallery with photos taken from the flight field.

“Everybody can do it!!”

The expert instructor Walter Bardi, organizes courses with his flight school, and also flights in Tandem and from his website www.parapendiopisa.it declares:

“For about 16 years I bring people who want to experience the thrill of a paragliding flight, or students who are starting the course and then piloting on their own. Taking a passenger is easy … a small ride together and we will be flying. You will be able to speak and take pictures or videos…It’s a beautiful experience and everyone can do it, you do not need to know anything about paragliding. As you can see in the tandem images and in the movies, the passengers sitting in front of me smile calmly, because there is nothing to be afraid of!”

A tandem flight

flight can last from a minimum of a few minutes to around thirty. It does not depend on us but on the conditions of the wind. Costs are truly affordable for everyone and include accident insurance.
To make these flights it is sufficient to have a pair of trekking boots and the same clothes you would wear in this season for a walk in the mountains or a bike ride and above all a great desire to ….. FLY!!!…I wait for you!!!!
Make reservations now!!! cell. (+39)334/ 777 97 47 Email: walter@parlapendio.it



Sports activities

The lake “Dei Cavalieri” is the closest freshwater fishing lake in Pisa and is located in the countryside of Colignola near to Agriturismo.

The Agriturismo is located in the most strategic place for those who are fond of walking, both by bike and on foot.

The Agriturismo La Pisana is located a few miles from the flight field for lovers of free flight and adrenaline.

The SPA and the Bagni di Pisa spa, located 5 km from the Agriturismo La Pisana.



Contact & Booking!

Agriturismo La Pisana

Via Paganini 6, Colignola, San Giuliano Terme, Pisa
Telefono +39 050 870442

For information or special requests write in the form below and we will try to answer you within 24/48 hours.

Directions from Florence, Lucca, Genoa or from the Aurelia area can be found in the “Where we are” section.

We are waiting for you!