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dal 1988

Our story

on 6 February 2018 the Mugnai Family cuts the milestone of 30 years of activity made of commitment and dedication.


At the end of the 80s in Tuscany, farmhouses were born, a novelty that gave the possibility to rediscover the old flavors of the agricultural world and the ancient rural origins. When the farm activity was in its infancy, the only known places to taste the typical Tuscan cuisine were the established restaurants. Also in the 80s, to take a few days of leisure, before this new type of activity was born, the only possibility was to stay in hotels or pensions.

Alberto Mugnai in 1988 sensed that the unsurpassable cuisine of his wife Manuela, together with the help of his mother in law Mirella, could be a potential entrepreneurial turning point. So, armed with courage and stoves, they threw themselves from real pioneers in this new adventure.

On 6 February 1988 the La Pisana agritourism “der Mugnai” officially opens

Alberto and Manuela, invent the formula: “fixed menu and everybody eat at the same time as in the family”. The menu was rich: Tuscan appetizers, 3 first courses with homemade pasta, 3 seconds with side dishes, the ever-present wild boar with olives and family sweets, wine and water at will with modest expense in old lire.

The flavors of the family tradition, the rural and rustic environment of the farmhouse adjacent to the farm, the countryside a few steps from Pisa, quickly contributed to the affirmation of the La Pisana farm, which became a farm among the most known throughout the province and beyond.

Flanked to the restaurant, went like any farm-respecting agricultural production, the cultivation of 18 hectares of land with corn, wheat, maize and sugar beet.

“Grandfather Gino” in addition to raising thoroughbred trotting horses had a passion for farm animals such as chickens and rabbits; at the time there was also a small breeding that he carried on with dedication and skill. The delicious meat could be tasted in the farm.

La Pisana received an unimaginable success, dealt with macaroni, Tuscan soup and good wine. The 90s passed by keeping the same formula and with the same successes.

An apartment was renovated on the upper floors of the farmhouse. There was therefore the possibility for tourists to stay over night and eat at the restaurant. The summer veranda was built which still faces the large garden today.

The young Federico and Francesca (the children) grew up in the family business, alternating between school and work and then University and Work.
From ’92 the then fourteen years Federico took care of the restaurant hall together with Leny, a nice Colombian lady who was a valid point of reference for the Mugnai Family. Francesca was the very young cook assistant in the kitchen. Alberto and Manuela carried on their business maintaining the aspects of family management always surrounded by relatives and good friends.

In 2000, after 12 years of uninterrupted success, the busy activity and the great sacrifices of the Mugnai in previous years, required a pause for reflection. Alberto decided that it was no longer the case to continue to sacrifice the family as done until then. It was time to choose a quieter life for Manuela and go back to cooking only for the children. Given the good results with the apartment and overnight stays, they decided by mutual agreement to close the restaurant and to renovate the entire building, transforming the internal rooms where the activity took place into rooms with bathrooms. Pisanier, Livornesi and Lucchesi were surprised by such a decision. The farm reference no longer made the “bartalucci !!!” a homemade bred

Agricultural activity remained standing, and overnight activity was strengthened. With the development of the network and search engines, it was possible to find the Agriturismo La Pisana also by foreign tourists on holiday in the wonderful Pisa.
There is also to consider that activities similar to B&B were not widespread and were very few. For the second time the Mugnai family throws themselves into a new way of doing Agriturismo.

Knowing how to welcome people with professionalism and courtesy has always been one of the excellent characteristics of Alberto and Manuela, characteristics transmitted to his children Federico and Francesca who still continue the business where they grew up.

Time has passed and the farm has gained notoriety in Italy and abroad. There are numerous guests who have stayed in the structure (including vamouse Italians and foreigners). Federico and Francesca, collected the witness of the parents carry on the farm that saw the birth in them childhood.
The successes continue with the fame and excellent reputation on search engines reaching excellence on more important holiday portals. The new tenants from 2010 compared to their parents have focused on hospitality and quality. Betting on the future of the company have invested and enhanced the services, renewed part of the structure. The pride of the construction of the new modern swimming pool in the garden in 2016 designed by Federico with a staff of professional technicians and up to expectations.

Farming continues in the agricultural sector, but the direction towards the production of olive oil has been a new turning point and a wave of change.

In 2016, the 200 olive trees (Tuscan cultivars) already present in La Pisana land have been upgraded with a new plant on 3 hectares of land with 620 plants.

on 6 February 2018 the Mugnai Family cuts the milestone of 30 years of activity made of commitment and dedication.



Accommodation Info:

The farmhouse has been recently renovated and the rooms have been carefully painted and furnished with a refined Tuscan rustic style;

each room has its own entrance private bathrooms with towels, toiletries, hairdryer, refrigerator, TV and are cleaned every morning with the change of linen. The rooms are equipped with air conditioning.



Discover our offers

Types of accommodation vary depending on the number of beds in fact we have double triple or quadruple bedrooms (on request cot for children)

We are close to the hospital of Cisanello, our rooms are very comfortable and suitable for all types of users. The most economical and comfortable B&B accommodation in the Cisanello and Pisa area, you will find it here.



Sports activities

The lake “Dei Cavalieri” is the closest freshwater fishing lake in Pisa and is located in the countryside of Colignola.

The Agriturismo is located in the most strategic place for those who are fond of walking, both by bike and on foot.

The Agriturismo La Pisana is located a few miles from the flight field for lovers of free flight and adrenaline.

The SPA and the Bagni di Pisa spa, located 5 km from the Agriturismo La Pisana.



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Agriturismo La Pisana

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